Summer 2014 News Roundup

Summer update!!!
And lots to tell you about. Apologies for the lengthy break but the F2F Team have been at full tilt.

Firstly two Instructor courses were undertaken in June, The first was the inaugural FIT2FITE™ Instructors course in Southern Ireland, Hosted by the irrepressible Brendan Perry a selection of the best fitness and martial art practitioners took to FIT2FITE™ like ducks to water, Their enthusiasm, technique and determination resulted in all qualifying at the highest level leaving Greg feeling proud and confident in their ability to carry the FIT2FITE™ flag throughout Southern Ireland.

The second of two courses was undertaken in late June in Stanmore at the superb Aspire Training Centre. Already a successful F2F venue under Alton Brown, the centre was keen to conduct more classes and train more of their fitness professionals to deliver FIT2FITE™, Greg again tutored a harmonious mix of martial artists and fitness instructors through the FIT2FITE™ Four Step Format. After an arduous and atmospheric eight hours 7 enthusiasts became certified F2F instructors.

Well done and good luck to F2F Ireland’ and to the new guys certified on the Aspire course. Great effort and fantastic adverts for F2F, Fighting Moves to Funky Grooves.

Summer Sizzler
We move swiftly on to the unparalleled FIT2FITE™ Summer Sizzler on 6th Julyand what a sizzler it was.Nearly 100 people packed the home of F2F in Barking for the most motivating, invigorating and, challenging event of the year so far.

Led by F2F Founder Greg Francis the day began promptly at 9am with a warm greeting, mutual hugs and a goodie bag….. and then booom! the first F2F class flew out the blocks like Usain Bolt. The feeling inside the sports hall was palatable and before you could say, “take me now” the event moved into the F2F Super 7 circuit with F2F Instructor, the irrepressible Dianne Reilly, leading the charge.

The connectivity with every person in the hall was emotional with both verbal and visual encouragement from the instructors and the practitioners ensuring everybody completed the circuit.

It is at this stage that Greg moves into his own demonstrating his understanding of maximising the potential of all levels of fitness by ensuring all partook in Diane’s Fusion of Yoga and Pilates. The mind and body was elongated and filled with positive thoughts and measured exercises respectively. After a short break the Fit2fiters were treated to awe inspiring demonstrations from FIT2FITE™ Instructors and enthusiasts who are all part of the England All style Karate Team.

Natalie Williams (British Karate Champion)and Ross Mathieu demonstrated, in explosive fashion, some of the techniques utilised in F2F. Ross, with a smile, was on the receiving end of Natalies expertly executed kicks and punches. Collectively they received a stupendous roar from an incredibly appreciative crowd.

Then followed a demonstration rom arguably the country’s top Martial Art family, the Karwacinski’s. All are members of the national team and “front line practitioners of F2F. The twins, Kate and Steve with their multi talented younger brother Chris performed a beautiful and impactive Kata (forms) with an inventive and showstopping application of kate techniques.

This scintillating feat of excellence was lapped up by the crowd and reinvigorated them for the rest of the day.

Next session was the F2F Floorwork, a Muscular, Strength and Endurance workout with the F2F flavour. A series of sit ups, press ups, kick backs, squats and other conditioning moves were performed, punctuated by claps, groans and shrills of delight.. After another short stretch session with Dianne the day finished with a cranked up FIT2FITE™, Session .underpinned by a sublime summer soundtrack that carried tired bodies through a cavalcade of fighting moves ending the day on the biggest high and the widest smiles.

Big thanks to the events sponsors, Don Gordon of Elite Nutrition and 3 NESS Luxury Fitness weekenders.

On the subject of 3NESS Luxury Fitness weekenders. The summer event was again held at held at the breathtaking De VEre Hotel, Wokefield. Over 650 enthusiasts enjoyed a weekend of Fitness, Food, Friendship and Fun in the blazing sun.

Three F2F classes were delivered to wall to wall classes and as always the Gospel Grooves on Sunday morning brought the weekend to a rapturous end. Dianne Reilly was again oin hand partnering Greg on the F2F Super 7 circuits and wowing the participants with her perfectly balanced Yoga classes. Well done again guys.

And there’s more!!!!!!!.
Our esteemed leader Greg Francis delivered an incredible FIT2FITE™ session to over 100 martial artists on the the Legendary Ticky Donovan Summer Camp.. Greg is one of an elite number of top karate practitioners teaching on this course both Karate and Fit2fite and was, to his surprise upgraded to a 6th Dan, Black belt. It was an incredible weekend of training topped by this award from two of the most respected and knowledgeable martial artists in the World, Sensei Ticky Donovan and Sensei Dave Hazard. Congrats Greg and even more credibility to FIT2FITE™, it’s development, instructors and practitioners.

Greg has been busy. Again in the company of 3 of the most renowned Karate competitors in the world, Wayne Otto, Alex Biamonti and Elisa Au (check em out on google) Greg taught Fit2fite and Karate to an elite band of National and International karate athletes from around the world. This Ultimate Karate Fighter Bootcamp was tailor made for Fit2fite showing its versatility for pushing the sedentary to elite athletes totheir threshold and beyond,. Thanks to Wayne, Alex and Elisa, Raik and Albert for a tremendous three days.

My hands are tiring from typing so I will end this update by mentioning the new classes heading your way. Check facebook and the classes page.

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