FIT2FITE OnLine Classes

FIT2FITE are officially launching their Online portfolio of classes representing the Fundamentals of FITNESS:


Our suite of classes, FIT2FITE Fighting Moves To Funky Grooves, FIT2FLOORCORE, FIT2HIIT and FIT2FLEXIBILITY progress your fitness in line with the 4 SSSS's ensuring a scientific and constructive training programme that provides tangible results.

World class Master Trainers from across the globe reflecting the Fundamentals of Fitness will take you on a journey utilising the FIT2FITE training template.

Natalie WilliamsNatalie Williams

Natalie has been practising Karate for 30 years and has been a member of the England Karate Team for 18 years. She has won domestic and international titles and is one of the top female Karate athlete in the world. Natalie is currently training for Olympic qualification competitions with the ambition to represent Great Britain in 2021 in Japan.


  • England Karate Team Captain
  • Karate practitioner for 30 + years
  • Multiple English and British Champion
  • Multiple World and European Medalist
  • Music Industry professional 
  • Fit2fite instructor

‘Being fit is a mindset.’

Interesting fact: Natalie's Karate Coach is her father Lloyd Williams 7th Dan.

Claire BurtonClaire Burton

Claire has over 20 years experience in the health and fitness industry. With a background in karate and kickboxing Claire transitioned to Bodybuilding becoming the World Natural Bodybuilding Champion. She is an exceptional athlete and trainer with a genuine passion for both people and fitness.


  • 2013: Miami Pro Universe Championships – 1st Place Figure
  • 2014: BNBF British Finals – 1st Place Masters Figure and Overall Figure Champion. Awarded DFAC Pro Figure status
  • 2017: PCA British Championships – 2nd Place Athletic Figure
  • 2017: DFAC World Finals, Miami - Pro Athletic Figure World Champion

Interesting fact: Claire won the first three Natural Bodybuilding competitions she entered including the British Championships.

Dianne ReillyDianne Reilly

Dianne Reilly is considered one of the most consistent Karate athletes Britain has ever produced. She was a mainstay of the National Team for over 15 years winning numerous.domestic and international medals. After retiring from International competition in the early 2000's she continued to teach Fitness classes with emphasis on Yoga, Pilates and Kick Aerobics, Dianne is a wife and mother with a full time job yet she still maintains a healthy and active lifestyle. 


  • Former Multiple English and British Champion
  • Former Multiple World and European Medallist
  • FIT2FITE Instructor

Interesting fact: Dianne and Greg Francis the FIT2FITE founder were Karate training partners for over a decade. She also competed on the National Team with Greg's sister Janice Francis nee Irwin and was taught Karate by the Francis brothers Joe and Phil. 

Ross MathieuRoss Mathieu

Ross Mathieu is an international fitness presenter, international karate athlete and a current member of the National England Karate Squad. He has combined his love for fitness, martial arts and music to become a Fit2Fite Instructor in 2010. He regularly teaches classes in East London and presents at fitness days, weekenders and holidays, specialising in combat fitness.


  • BSc Joint Honours in Sports Science & Business Studies
  • 25 years training Karate, 2nd Dan Black Belt
  • Multiple British & English Karate Champion
  • Member of the EKF National Karate Team
  • FIT2FITE Instructor

Interesting fact: Ross' Karate Coach is his father John Mathieu 5th Dan.