We are proud of our endorsements and would like to share some with you.

Wendy Newman

M.A. International Education
BSc Education and Physical Education

I have been teaching physical education to students around the world for the past thirteen years. I invited Greg to my school in the Netherlands to introduce FIT2FITE™ to my classes. I have never seen my students work so hard, and engage so quickly in an activity as they did with FIT2FITE™. All abilities were able to fully participate in the session and follow the techniques without realizing how hard they were working. It develops stamina, strength and coordination, in a fun yet challenging way. I have now qualified as a FIT2FITE™ instructor and am proud to be the first to incorporate this fantastic workout into the schools curriculum.

Matthew Spriggs

Health & Fitness Manager, Culture and Sport, Adults & Community Services, London Borough of Barking and Dagenham

'Greg Francis is a shining example of quality martial arts in the UK today; his passion, knowledge and experience is demonstrated and applied through his new FIT2FITE™ classes and his professional attitude towards his students and his art. FIT2FITE™ is on our Leisure Centre schedules and has roadblock classes every session.

This is the ultimate 60 minute combat workout in the UK today and I am so excited by it that I just qualified as a FIT2FITE™ instructor!'

Diana Leyshon

Business Development Manager
Sport & Leisure, Newport South Wales

Having been a Master Trainer and International Fitness Presenter, I have seen many fitness ideas come and go. Whilst at LIW FIT2FITE™ really caught my attention and made me want to start coaching again. I've just completed the workshop with 3 members of my team and it exceeded all expectations. It has a great 4 step system that makes learning really simple and effective. I taught my first class two days after the course. It is fun and accessible for all ages and genders. As a Business Development Manager I believe this is going to pack our classes out and I'm so proud to be the first team bringing it to Wales.

Kay Cameron

If you enjoy great music and exercise FIT2FITE is the perfect class for you. It challenges you to work hard and push yourself. With the help of Greg and his FIT2FITE regime I have lost 2 stone and it has improved my flexibility. So no matter your age, size, capability, Greg inspires you to want to make a lifestyle change, in an explosive and friendly atmosphere.
So no more excuses, come down and join the FIT2FITE family.

Georgie Cameron

FIT2FITE has helped my fitness and flexibility level improve majorly, and enhanced my karate technique over the past 2 years of attending. Each week the class challenges me and pushes me to a level I didn't think I could reach. It is motivating, energising and uplifting and love that I get to share the experience with my mum and sister. I absolutely love the buzz I get from FIT2FITE and would recommend everyone to try.

Cameron family

Nikkie Cameron

FIT2FITE has changed my health and fitness regime for the better. For the past 2 years I have attended Greg's class and not only do I enjoy going every week but the classes motivate me to train hard and maintain a healthier lifestyle, in which has helped me lose 4 stone. I come back each week not just for the amazing training but for the buzzing, friendly atmosphere and those funky grooves. Each week there are always challenges to overcome, may it be extra squats, new routines meaning I never get bored. I truly recommend FIT2FITE for everyone.

Lawrence Grosvenor

Lawrence G"Fit2fite has been a huge part of my life the last 3 years, and I only regret not doing it sooner. This is a class which incorporates two things that I have enjoyed for many years (Karate and soulfull house) and wether you like one or the other or just like a strong disciplined work ethic, then this class will deliver all in abundance.

It is a very high velocity workout but is so well delivered by its instructors that the session itself seems to fly by and yet keeps you wanting to come back for more. Fit2fite will definately help shred those pounds and aid in the remodelling of the new you, it's helped me lose just over 6 stone so far and still going...."

Thank you to the whole Fit2fite Family!!

Don Gordon MIDM (3rd Dan)

Elite Sport and Nutrition

"As a mature martial artist and masters triathlete I have found the FIT2FITE™ workout programme to be an excellent compliment to my muscular strength and flexibility routine. It is both mentally and physically engaging, with the added benefit of producing the kid of muscular tone that folks half my age dream of. The best thing about it for me is that it ticks all the right boxes for the perfect cross-training routine, with a fun, lively, up-beat work-out."

Weininger Irwin

International Fitness Presenter
Former Gladiators Champion

"Over the years I have participated in a variety of workouts, FIT2FITE™ is definitely the tops."

Shereen Walcott

Body Beautiful and Spa Show
Event Director

"The FIT2FITE™ team added an essential feature to The Body Beautiful Show this year. The team’s demonstrations of their martial arts based aerobic moves held on the fitness arena stage were vibrant, exciting and hugely motivational to the audience. Visitors joined into a number of the routines demonstrated, where clear instructions from Greg Francis allowed them to participate fully. Feedback received from visitors and exhibitors alike has, without fail, mentioned them as being the key attraction at the show. I am delighted that Greg Francis and his team agreed to join the show this year and very much hope to have the opportunity to work with them in the future."

Lynn Barker

Olympic Project Officer, Olympic Ambition Team, Culture and Sport, Adults and Community Service

"FIT2FITE™'s Demonstration Team are always invited to support the Barking and Dagenham Olympic Ambition Team and will continue to be present for the Borough's countdown to the Olympic Games. The team are always well received and draw a great crowd during their demonstrations and taster sessions. Looking forward to the next event.”

Danny Jacobs

IT Engineer

"FIT2FITE™ is the best fitness class I’ve ever done, after having tried most other types of class. It’s become a vital part of my weekly routine and no matter what I can’t miss it. Its combination of high intensity moves and inspirational music is the best cardio workout I know. The emphasis on techniques really helps improve my enjoyment of the class and as my fitness level improves, the techniques get better, and that in turn improves fitness. I have no martial arts background. Anyone with a reasonable level of fitness can fully participate and enjoy it."

Martial Artists

The very best train with us: here are some of their endorsements.

Dr Wayne Otto 6th Dan

Wayne Otto9 times World Karate champion, Norwegian National Coach

FIT2FITE is an ideal training system that combines the best of both fitness to music and karate specific techniques. It challenges and pushes any individual in the pursuit of a high level of fitness. As a National Coach and former World Champion I see it's value and incorporate it into my elite Ultimate Karate Fighters Bootcamp.

Fit2Fite  benefits all levels of athletes from novice to elite. Its inclusion in the Ultimate Karate Fighters Boot Camp makes Fit2Fite and its founder Greg Francis an ideal partnership> The training system contributes to the main purpose behind the Ultimate Karate Fighters Boot Camp , namely to provide a highly intensive training camp specifically for elite athletes with world respected Karate instructors of the highest quality.


Dave Hazard 7th Dan

Dave Hazard"Knowing Greg Francis, history and ability I was in no doubt his FIT2FITE™ program would be well researched and put together.

But watching Greg perform his program recently to a group containing Karate-Ka from International standard through to novice and some who had no experience of the Martial Arts and just wanted a workout I was extremely impressed.

All and I mean ALL were catered for and the feed back was fantastic. Everyone I talked to loved it.

I highly recommend the FIT2FITE™ program to anyone who wants to improve there fitness along with the techniques of Karate or even if you just want to exercise and love good music."

Terry Wingrove

 8th Dan Hanshi

"After observing FIT2FITE™ first hand with initial skepticism I saw its efficacy and practicality enjoyed and appreciated by both students and instructors."

Helen Pree (Raye) 6th Dan

Former European Kata and Kumite Champion
12 x British Kata Champion

"Having less and less time (and motivation) to dedicate to my personal training, FIT2FITE™ has become my weekly fix - it ticks all the boxes for me: keeps my karate technique and fitness brushed up and gives me the buzz I miss from training back in my heyday. All I can add is 'Thanks, Greg' from one of your most avid followers."

Juliette Toney

2 x World Karate Champion
England Women’s karate Coach

"It motivates, invigorates and energises, defines specific muscle groups and enhances flexibility. I love it and recommend that you share the experience."

Natalie Williams

England and British Karate International

"This Activity has made a vast improvement to my personal view on fitness; it manages to combine aerobic fitness with co-ordination and explosive work. After a serious leg injury FIT2FITE™ has been vital in helping me regain my previous fitness level as an international karate athlete. FIT2FITE™ is now a religious milestone within my training program when preparing for major sporting events. The best thing about this is that you can be anybody type and any level of fitness to participate. Ideal for children and adults of all ages after one class you are guaranteed to have had your moneys worth."

Dr Tamara GLYN

New Zealand Karate Team

"Coming from a dance, karate and fitness background, I have seldom found a more entertaining, challenging and fun way of building stamina, fitness and technique. As a health professional, I would recommend this program to anyone wanting to improve their cardiovascular fitness, lose weight and better their overall health."

Willie Thomas 6th Dan

England Karate Coach

"FIT2FITE™ is a fun and exciting Karate specific workout that reaches out to ALL the components of fitness. A great workout for the absolute novice to the elite athlete.. "

Ross Mathieu

International Karate Athlete, Instructor FIT2FITE Forest gate.

FIT2FITE feels like I am surrounded by family and everybody pushes each other through the class. The calorie burn is ridiculously high and my classes just get busier and busier. It's amazing.

Augustus Paul

Former World and European Champion

As a former GB Karate International I can tell you the Greg Francis has developed an excellent FItness workout that caters for all levels. FIT2FITE is fun and energising working on your core, technique, fitness and stamina. The idea of fighting moves to funky grooves is just genius.

Jasmine Pomeroy

England Karate International

FIT2FITE is a unique and exhilarating music based fitness class. Unlike others, this class is suitable for all individuals. It is based on Karate techniques, however it is easily picked up and enjoyable to those that have never stepped foot in a martial arts class before. Being an International Karate athlete, I find this class an excellent opportunity to train alongside other world class athletes with an instructor that illustrates the best technical Karate and develops it into the hardest and most effective fitness training. It also provides intense mental training because you are pushed past your individual boundaries. I find that a wide range of members in the class inspire me for a variety of reasons. The atmosphere produced is electrifying and this is only enhanced by the choice of music. You will train drills that you won't have experienced before, nor will you forget. Come with the right mindset and be prepared to train hard, both physically and mentally. Definitely not one to miss.

Ticky Donovan OBE 9th Dan

Former England and Great Britain Karate Coach

"FIT2FITE™ works technique, strength, timing, co-ordination and fitness. The practical routines are simple, effective and fun. It is used to train the National Karate Team and would benefit anyone who wants to workout, get fit and stay fit".

Bruce Hyland 6th Dan

Australian National Coach 1992 -2005
State Coach

"In London recently and had an opportunity to try out with Greg Francis and his FIT2FITE™, it was exhilarating, intense, it worked all the areas of my body. Each facet of fitness was covered, speed, strength, flexibility, power and endurance the complete workout, PLUS it was FUN."

Katie Simpson 3rd Dan Instructor

Kimura Shukokai Karate, SKF Squad member. (

"FIT2FITE™ has helped my stamina and fitness and enhanced my Karate technique by working all of the major muscle groups. It is a workout which can accommodate a wide variety of people of all ages and, surprisingly to me, not just those who do martial arts. I would recommend fit2fite to all of my friends and anyone who is ready to inject real energy and fun into their workout. I am now inspired to become a FIT2FITE™ instructor."

Stephanie Thorndick

English Karate Team Member

"If you want to challenge yourself fitness wise, then join FIT2FITE™. It's impossible not to feel the benefits. For sports-minded people, it's most probably the most satisfying work out available."

Dave Gardier

"FIT2FITE™ is a fun and exciting Karate specific workout that reaches out to ALL the components of fitness. A great workout for the absolute novice to the elite athlete.. "

Willie Thomas 6th Dan
England Karate Coach

HRH Fallon Karadjordjevic of Serbia

HRH Fallon Karadjordjevic of SerbiaCardiovascular fitness a key feature of any effective training program.

FIT2FITE™ has provided me with core stamina, speed, strength and suppleness which led to me finding success in Karate competition but more importantly has been instrumental in my adoption of a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Daniel Hollister

Lea Valley Karate Academy - Chief Instructor
Sport Karate Academy - Head Coach
Senior England A - Squad Member

"I was introduced to FIT2FITE™ at an England squad session and I was immediately hooked to. The karate moves to music. This was something I had never done before but found so enjoyable and I have been attending the classes for about 5 years now. As a member of the England Karate Squad FIT2FITE™ has been a great aid in my training and maintaining a high level of fitness.

I have enjoyed being part of the FIT2FITE™ class so much I am currently taking steps to becoming a qualified instructor myself, I am a full time karate instructor but also run a 'not for profit karate association' which helps fund the athletes from grass roots to international level that compete for us. This will be a great addition to my instructor status but will also benefit my karate club and further more my karate association future fitness as athletes."

Kate Karwacinski

Kate KarwacinskiFit2fite has made a measurable difference and impact in my life.

You come away from every session exhausted but exhilarated. It is not only an amazing fitness class but it encompasses the essence of karate. FIT2FITE allows everyone, from those with martial arts backgrounds to those new to fitness, to participate fully.

Dianne Reilly

Former England and GB Karate Team

"As an ex international fighter and karateka the class structure and dynamics of fit2fite makes me feel like I'm still training, competing and buzzing well after the session has finished. I am now teaching FIT2FITE™ and loving it!"