FIT2FITERS are individuals and groups who have committed to joining an organisation that offers a unique training system. Membership provides Progressive Fitness Training, Funky Grooves, Fighting Moves, Diet and Nutrition advice plus a true sense of Family.

To join all we want is your commitment, not your money (well not all of it….) so to join and become a member of FIT2FITE is FREE, yes I said FREEEEEEE. The price we all like!!!!.

Q. What does Membership offer me?

A. Well the package is outlined below and more will continue to be bolted on as and when we negotiate reasonable terms with partners.

  • FIT2FITE Gradings – Option to take the revolutionary FIT2FITE Gradings to measure and progress your training.
  • Monthly Music selection – Signposting to FIT2FITE Funky Grooves every month.
  • Event discount – Reductions off all Official FIT2FITE Events i.e. Summer Sizzler and Fitness Frenzy.
  • Personal Trainer discounts – From World Class Bodybuilders to International Karate athletes to Nutrition experts available for training sessions and bespoke programmes..
  • Martial Arts Club Membership discount – If interested in Martial Arts F2F affiliated Instructors clubs available.
  • 10% Merchandise discount – Reduction from the range of FIT2FITE Street and Gym Wear.
  • Partner discounts – 5% 3NESS Luxury Fitness Weekender.

Q. Is there flexibility around payment for instance I only want to train once week.

A. Well firstly some free advice. If you want real benefit and tangible results then you need to train FIT2FITE a minimum of twice a week. That aside your designated class will offer payment options similar or the same as those shown below:


  • Select from Monthly membership payment options:
  • £25.00 – Attendance once a week.
  • £40.00 – Attendance twice a week.
  • £7.50 – Pay As You Go

Q. Say if I sign up for the once a week package and decide on occasion to train twice a week?

A. In that case the second class will be charged at the designated class non-membership, “Pay as you go” rate.

Q. I am unable to commit to once a week, can I still “Pay as you Go”.

A. Sure. You will just have to “Pay as you Go” whenever or whichever FIT2FITE class you attend.

Q. My FIT2FITE class is on twice a week. If I sign up for the once a week option can I go either day or do I have to stick to the same day.

A. You can train either of the days if your class is available twice a week..

Q. Is Membership transferable to other FIT2FITE classes.

A. No. You sign up for membership for a designated class at a designated venue. i.e; FIT2FITE Barking Abbey School. If you choose to train at different. F2F venues then your best option is Pay as you Go.

Q. If I sign up am I tied into membership and payment for a fixed period

A. No you can cancel Membership and any of the Payment Options whenever you like.

Q. If I am unable to attend for a period then can I suspend my payment.

A. If you are unable to attend then simply cancel your payment and Pay as you Go until you return to Monthly Payments in Advance..

Q. What does FIT2FITE offer that other classes do not. Please remind me!

A. You get the Fundamentals of Fitness in one class: Strength, Stamina, Suppleness and Speed, plus the funkiest music,  progressive gradings, the highest calorie burn (average 750 cals per hour), the warmest people and the best Instructors. Absolutely priceless!!!!!

Q. OK, I’m definitely in. What do I do now?

A. Great news. Go to the CLASSES tab on www, In the classes listed decide which FIT2FITE class will be your designated class, in essence your home away from home. Go to the Facebook page of your designated class i.e. FIT2FITE Cheshunt and follow their Join Us instructions.

Ensure read carefully the Membership Form and Terms and Conditions. Then:

Sign and submit a Membership and Terms and Conditions Form to your designated FIT2FITE class by email, post or by hand to the FIT2FITE Instructor.
Select from the Monthly payment options available and arrange payment in advance.

Once confirmation is obtained of all the above being completed you will receive log in Information and access to all the Bronze level FIT2FITE information and goodies on the website.

Membership is being trialled at Barking Abbey FIT2FITE and will be rolled out to all FIT2FITE classes in July 2016.