Autumn 2014 News Roundup

Hi FIT2FITERS its Greg Francis here to provide an update on what’s going on in the world of FIT2FITE™, Fighting Moves to Funky Grooves.

Hope all is good and you have had time to bask in this glorious protracted Indian Summer.

Nevertheless, the Winter Solstice is looming and within the next few weeks we will see darkness descending upon us as if Dracula controlled the light switch. This period of time is historically the worst time for training. Why because it is Cold, Dark and of course Christmas!!!!.

  • Cold — You don’t want to leave those radiators once in your four walls,
  • Dark – Getting up and going to bed in the dark leaves you feeling miserable, moany and tired.
  • Christmas – Excess galore: food, drink, parties and excuses over a longer period than is necessary..

What follows, as the New Year unfolds and you see what you have done to yourself, you panic and find yourself back at your FIT2FITE™ class….nervous… with some lame excuse about being “so busy”. Remember there are only two reasons in this world the “good reason” and the “true reason“.

Don’t get caught out with the winter beartrap of irregular or no training, it is poor justification.for being in that position. Get there because once your at the class you are always glad you went.

Ok so that is my sermon for the time being…and its free!!. Life is a beautiful thing.

Back to F2F business.
So September has been a “humdinger” of a month. It kicked off (no pun intended) at the Combat and Strength show in the O2 Soccerdrome. This was a tremendous event with the biggest FIT2FITE™ class so far. Massive props to Troy “FIGHTKLUB” Dureh for coordinating a breathtaking event and securing the “Boxing World Record”. Extra props to my good friend and former World Champion andGreat Britain Karate Teammate Paul Alderson and also to Joe Long a friend and former Karate student on organising the premier Fitness, Combat and Strength Show in Europe.. Thanks for the support of all the FIT2FITE™ERS who attended the event and to the F2F Demo Team who led from the front and were excellent as always in their, technique, delivery, focus and form.

Check out the F2F Facebook page for pics and video..

The Demo team were again in action at the Waterfront Leisure Centre in South East, London. Invited by top FITNESS presenter and F2F Instructor Pauleen the “Fitness Mash Up” event. The team gave an explosive demo of the F2F Four Step Format and then the class of 100 or so joined in. Well received and great atmosphere.

On 21st September I headed North to Liverpool with my brother Paul “3NESS” Francis and others to support Claire Burton, FIT2FITE™ Instructor, in the British Natural Bodybuilding Federation British Finals. Claire had won through to the Finals of the “FIGURE” category after winning the Southern region. The competition was tough but Claire was outstanding. She not only won her category but also the Overall category. A stupendous achievement for someone who has only been competing 18 months and has had 3 tournaments. Claire now goes to Miami to represent Britain in the World Championships. We are all immensely proud of her.

On the subject of excellence at my F2F class in Barking I currently have members of the England Karate Team training in preparation for the World Championships in Germany next month. I am also privileged to be attending the competition as the Head of Delegation for the National Team and will keep you all updated. Good luck from everyone at FIT2FITE™ to all the F2F Instructors and F2F participants representing England and F2F at the very top of their sport. You inspire and motivate us to keep believing and achieving..

Keep your eyes on the World |Karate Federation and English Karate Federation websites for live feeds and updates.

England Karate Team Members

  • Joe Kellaway – F2F Barking
  • Ross Mathieu – Instructor Forest Gate
  • Natalie Williams – Instructor Beckenham
  • Kate karwacinski – F2F Barking
  • Chris Karwacinski – F2F Barking
  • Alton Brown -_Instructor Barnet and Stanmore
  • Aimee Sell- Instructor
  • Chris Harris – Instructor Clacton
  • John Gardiner – Instructor Southend
  • Ady Gray – Instructor Ripon

FIT2FITE™’s finest !!!!!!!!!!!!
28th September saw another 11 Instructors apply themselves for 8 gruelling, but enjoyable hours training to emerge as F2F’s new Instructors. Always great to teach a wonderful hybrid of martial Artists and Fitness Instructors. They feed off each other exchanging tips on technique and timing to collectively attain the highest level of teaching and execution. Thank you all for your effort and focus on Sunday 28th September and remember… Practice, Practice and Practice even more.

Next F2F Instructors course is provisionally scheduled for 30th November at Becontree Heath Leisure Centre. Still looking for an appropriate venue North of Watford . Any suggestions? If you are a Gym Owner or Studio Coordinator contact me.

We have had a launch of new classes across the globe …..well primarily London and the South East really but where getting there,. call out to Jordan Taylor in Hull Good Luck with the new class..!!!.Check out the classes page for where and when F2F classes are on.

Merchandise Coming Soon…………
Merchandise, merchandise, Merchandise………… So sorry for the time it is taking to get the merchandise up on the website. Plans are afoot and I can assure you that within the next few weeks FIT2FITE™ training gear will be up on the site : Hoodies, Zoodies, Sweatshirts , Vests, Shorts, T Shirts. Towels all at recession beating prices.

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