F2F Chronology

1977 Started Karate under British Coach Ticky Donovan OBE, 9th Dan - First Instructor Sensei Tyrone Whyte 7th Dan

1981 Introduced to Jazz, Funk and Soul Music by sister Janice.

1985 Selected for England Junior Karate Team.

1986 Obtained Black belt 1st Dan.

1987 Selected for England Senior Karate Team.

1988 British Middleweight Karate Champion

1990 Individual Middleweight Silver Medal at World Championships & English Karate Champion

1992 Obtained Black Belt 2nd Dan.

1996 Retired from International Karate Competition.

1997 Obtained Black Belt 3rd Dan.

1998 Qualified Exercise to Music, Personal Trainer, Gym Instructor.

2000 Foundation laid for FIT2FITE' Fighting Moves To Funky Grooves.

2001 Began teaching FIT2FITE in Ilford, Essex.

2002 Awarded Blackbelt 4th Dan for services to Karate.

2003 Began teaching FIT2FITE in Newham East London for Greenwich Leisure Ltd (GLL).

2007 Appointed Assistant to England Karate Coach Ticky Donovan.

2007 FIT2FITE incorporated as a Limited Company.

2007 Left GLL Launch FIT2FITE in East London.

2007 FIT2FITE endorsed by the England Karate Team.

2008 Awarded 5th Dan Black Belt for services to Karate.

2008 Retained as Assistant National Coach by Dr Wayne Otto, MBE.

2009 FIT2FITE launched at 3NESS Luxury Fitness Weekender.

2010 FIT2FITE accredited by Skills Active and REPS.

2010 First FIT2FITE Instructors course.

2011 FIT2FITE on FITNESS TV for 18 months.

2012 FIT2FITE Article in the METRO Newspaper.

2012 Head of Delegation for England Karate Team.

2013 FIT2FITE kicks off in Hong Kong.

2013 FIT2FITE in Four County Councils.

2014 Awarded 6th Dan by David “Ticky” Donovan 9th Dan for services to Karate.

2015 Over 150 Certified FIT2FITE Instructors.

2016 Third successive year teaching FIT2FITE and Karate on the Premier Ultimate Karate Fighter's Bootcamp.

2017 FIT2FITE Launched in New Zealand

2017 First FIT2FITE Members Grading

2017 FIT2FITE World Champion - Instructor Claire

2017 FIT2FITE International Karate Athletes reach 25

2017 Introduction of Annual Awards and Patty Nite

2017 Introduction of F2Flexibility, The FITE, Floor Core and F2F HIIT Circuit

2018 Awarded British Empire Medal (BEM) for contribution to the Civil Service, Karate, Magistracy and Voluntary Sector..

2018 Held first F2F Instructors Course in the North East

2018 Delivered first International Corporate F2F class to Great Dane Trailers, Savannah, Georgia, United States

2018 F2F expanded in New Zealand with classes at Auckland university

2018 FIT2FITE Classes launched in Sunderland and Hartlepool