Terms and Conditions

This document contains the Terms and Conditions between the parties namely FIT2FITE Ltd and the Instructor to teach FIT2FITE Fighting Moves To Funky Grooves. This agreement supersedes all prior agreements or understandings between the parties regarding FIT2FITE Fighting Moves To Funky Grooves..

FIT2FITE Ltd are the exclusive owners of the Intellectual Property aligned to the Company and the Training system, including Trademarks, Four Step Format,  training paraphernalia, Instructional DVD's, Student Manuals, choreography, logos and designs.

This Agreement outlines the Terms and Conditions between Certified Instructors of FIT2FITE, Fighting Moves To Funky Grooves and FIT2FITE Ltd, the Company. This document is a legally binding agreement effective from the date of certification or re-certification as a FIT2FITE Instructor.

  1. All persons attending FIT2FITE courses/workshops must be either qualified as an NVQ Level 2 Fitness Instructor or equivalent or Level 3 Personal Trainer or an Accredited Martial Arts practitioner affiliated to a Recognised National Governing Body.
  2. FIT2FITE Ltd has, on certification as a FIT2FITE INSTRUCTOR, agreed conditional access to FIT2FITE's Intellectual Property:
    1. The Instructor agrees not to use, display, or reproduce any of FIT2FITE's Trademarks, (logo, slogans, etc) or any other Trademarks or Copyrights in connection with FIT2FITE Fighting Moves To Funky Grooves without obtaining consent from FIT2FITE Head Office.
    2. The Instructor agrees not to reproduce or create derivative or similar works based on FIT2FITE's Four Step Format without the prior written permission of FIT2FITE Ltd.
  3. All newly qualified FIT2FITE Instructors must pay an Annual Certification fee £150,00. This fee is paid as £12.50 per month totally and is for use of the Intellectual Property . The fee is effective from the date of the first FIT2FITE Class the instructor teaches or from 90 days after the FIT2FITE Instructors qualification attended/received. Failure to register onset of F2F class or to make monthly payment payment without notification to F2F HQ will nullify the Instructors eligibility to teach FIT2FITE, Fighting Moves To Funky Grooves.
  4. All certified FIT2FITE instructors must recertify as a FIT2FITE Instructor on an annual basis effective one year after their Bronze Instructor Course date. Failure to do so will result in loss of FIT2FITE instructor status.
  5. All certified FIT2FITE Bronze instructors are eligible for progression to Silver status after one year of teaching FIT2FITE and Gold status after two years. Not before.
  6. All FIT2FITE manuals and media issued to you should not be copied or distributed to persons not certified as FIT2FITE instructors. All breaches of this stipulation will result in loss of FIT2FITE Instructor status and revocation of the certificate to teach FIT2FITE, Fighting moves to Funky Grooves. (Spare manuals are available free of charge on request)
  7. All certified FIT2FITE instructors must use FIT2FITE promotional material, namely DVD, logo, posters and flyers to promote classes at their respective venues i.e. health clubs, gyms, halls etc.
  8. The FIT2FITE logo must appear in its original format on all FIT2FITE promotional material.
  9. All certified FIT2FITE instructors are obligated to attend one FIT2FITE workshop and one FiIT2FITE Training event within their certification period (one year). This stipulation is to quality control the delivery and application of the Four Step Format. Failure to comply with these requirements will result in removal of FIT2FITE Instructor status.
  10. All certified FIT2FITE instructors are expected to update F2F Head Office of all classes undertaken to ensure a complete FIT2FITE national register is maintained.
  11. All certified FIT2FITE instructors intending to teach FIT2FITE for Leisure centres, Gyms, Health clubs, Schools or any other institution where they are paid directly by the said institution must agree with the management of that institution that they can conduct classes under the FIT2FITE banner.
  12. All enquiries for FIT2FITE demonstrations, appearances or inclusion on Fitness timetables by any individual, company or group should be directed to FIT2FITE HQ.
  13. If after completion of an Instructors course the Master Trainer believes an Instructor needs additional tutoring before they can teach FIT2FITE then that Instructor will be provided with action points to complete before they are able to teach the public. The Instructor after successful completion of the action points can reapply for Certification within 90 days of the original course. Any application outside of that period will not be considered and the Instructor will have to attend another Instructors Course.
  14. The Instructor acknowledges that it is their professional responsibility to have secured adequate public teacher liability insurance cover..

The Instructor acknowledges an understanding for the requirement of valid Public Performance Licence within the UK either held by them, their employer or the landlord..

FIT2FITE and Fighting Moves To Funky Grooves are registered trademarks of FIT2FITE Ltd. Any use of the said trademarks and logo outside of the conditions outlined above must be sanctioned by FIT2FITE Ltd. Furthermore anyone who teaches FIT2FITE without current certification would be breaching this contract and would be in contravention of trademark and copyright laws.

The INSTRUCTOR acknowledges that  FIT2FITE has a legitimate right to all of the Intellectual Property, including, without limitation, the Four Step Format, the structure of the class, the choreography, the training courses, the logo,  the slogans and the student manuals.

The Instructor hereby undertakes not to conduct FIT2FITE Classes or any other derivative while the Instructor is not certified to do so.

Termination. This Agreement may be terminated by FIT2FITE Ltd or the FIT2FITE INSTRUCTOR upon fourteen (14) days prior written notice by the terminating party. Termination can be for any reason or no reason whatsoever, no explanation has to be given by the terminating party. Once terminated the FIT2FITE INSTRUCTOR must immediately cease and desist from use of the FIT2FITE Four Step Format. Continued use of the FIT2FITE Intellectual Property may result in civil action being brought against the offending individual.

I agree to the terms and conditions outlined above: