“Greg Francis empitomises the personal development, ethics and moral values that are core to the practice of Karate. The bravery that he has shown on the mat underpins the matched the bravery he has shown in public service. A former world class competitor, he regularly coaches the best  fighters in England and has the utmost respect from all around him. His karate is excellent from ground up plus he is steeped in knowledge and understands the history of English Karate better than anyone that I know.”
Mervyn Ettienne, Former European Individual and World Team Champion

Greg Francis is available for seminars primarily but not exclusively as follows;

  • Fridays between 6pm and 9.30pm
  • Saturdays between 12pm and 7pm
  • Sundays between 9pm and 6pm

Karate classes are delivered as directed by the host club/association. The sessions can be booked in the following packages:

  • 60 minutes – Kihon/Kumite/Fighting Fundamentals
  • 90 minutes – Kihon/Kumite/Fighting Fundamentals
  • 120 minutes – Kihon/Kumite/Fighting Fundamentals
  • 180 minutes – Kihon/Kumite/Fighting Fundamentals

FIT2FITE is a music based karate class for both karateka and non-karateka. It is an excellent of getting the general public particularly parents active and can act as a softer route into Karate training.

Kumite and FIT2FITE classes can be booked as a package or singularly. Please see for further information

Fit2fite masterclass:

  • 60 minutes-Bronze level
  • 90 minutes-Silver level

For details of availability and prices please email



Greg far right Coaching with some of the worlds best at Wayne Otto’s Ultimate Karate Fighters bootcamp

“Greg Francis is an exceptional Coach with tremendous experience in the world of elite sport karate.”
Michael Day, IPPON Magazine