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Greg Francis

FIT2FITE Fighting Moves To Funky Grooves have relaunched the Brand and with that comes this new exciting website. All our visitors will now get a taste of the FIT2FITE experience via blogs, video and pictures.

Apologies for being off line for so long but the Company has realigned its focus and priorities. This has taken considerably longer than initially estimated. What does that mean for you, yes you!!!! Well we now have a new Free Membership Scheme (FMS) being launched in July 2016 called “FIT2FITERS”.  The FMS provides a plethora of services and opportunities. Signed up FIT2FITERS will have access to discounts on:

  • Events,
  • Merchandise,
  • Personal Training,
  • Dietary advice,
  • Nutrition plans,

Plus signposting to “Funky Grooves” and most importantly the new exciting GRADING system. The FMS is being piloted at Barking Abbey FIT2FITE from April 2016 and then will be available to all classes from July 2016. More information on FMS  is available under the Members Area tab.

Certified FIT2FITE Instructors also have access to a new Support Network which amongst other things signposts them regularly to Class Tracklists, Technique library, Tutorials, Social Media Interface and event discounts. Take the time to trundle through the site. There are excellent videos and pictures in the gallery.  The Fit2Fite shop full of fantastic merchandise, will be opening soon.

Sunday June 12th sees the return of our World Famous Summer Sizzler. Five hours of the Funkiest Fitness Training incorporating Super 7 circuits (HIIT), F2F Floor for the Core (conditioning), Yoga Fusion (stretching) and of course FIT2FITE in all it’s glory introducing SPEED to the Fundamentals of Fitness. Don’t forget the incredible demo’s and our fantastic live Percussionist with the Magical hands, Bongo Don. Go onto the EVENTS tab under NEWS and book now, take advantage of the early bird offer to secure your place.

Checkout our class locator for your nearest class and if there is not one near you tell your local gym to contact us. For all you Martial Arts and Fitness Instructors out there be at the forefront of this  training revolution, sign up for the Instructors Course on 3rd April and join the FIT2FITE Family.

Please bear with us as no doubt there will be a few teething problems with the site and the information. Just email info@fit2fite.com if you are unclear about anything and our “razor sharp” team will do their best to resolve issues faster than you can say “ROCK IT OUT”!!!

Remember! no class and we mean NO class embraces the Fundamentals of Fitness: Strength, Stamina, Speed and Suppleness, like FIT2FITE, Fighting Moves To Funky Grooves. It unfailingly delivers an invigorating training experience with the funkiest music and the warmest, engaging people. The average calorie burn per hour session is 700, more than virtually all other workouts, SERIOUSLY,  and you still leave the class with a smile. 

Ok enough said. Great to be back on line. Checkout our Facebook Page and see you all soon.

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