July 2020 Update

Hi Fit2fiters and welcome to Summer in all its glory. Hope you and all those you love are healthy and happy and most importantly making the best of a bad situation.

Black Lives Matter
FIT2FITE is an avid advocate of the Black Lives Matter campaign. As a Black Man with an Asian wife and children reflecting that mixed heritage this focus on how the world treats “difference” in all its forms is long overdue. If we as a society genuinely want change then we must all become comfortable with the uncomfortable and challenge those who continue to ignore the reality of the world that Black people live in. I want my children to simply have the same considerations and opportunities as their friends without fear or favour.

As the world eases out of COVID-19 and the “new normal” begins to reshape our lives there is a key constant. You, your health, fitness and well being can save your life . It is the best investment of your time and effort. I cannot impress and restate that enough. Gyms, leisure Centers, Community centers etc will be resuming fitness classes in the near future. Get back to them and continue to invest in your online classes, walks, runs, cycle etc. The social interaction and engagement and re-engagement with the world has to be the only way we will evolve, without compromise to common sense of course. If the new normal means a more active life and realignment of the work/life balance then bring it on.

Online classes.
Strangely, there you have a seamless sedgeway into FIT2FITE Fundamentals of Fitness online. We are about to start our 2nd month of ZOOM classes championing Strength, Stamina, Suppleness and Speed. The Team, Dianne, Claire, Natalie, Sian, Alton, Stefan and Aneesha are delivering the funkiest fitness classes on the World Wide Web. What a Team! Please check them out at ….

I will be teaching a Free Facebook Live Fit2fite, Fighting moves to Funky Grooves on Sunday 28th June and Sunday 26th July 10am BST. These are promotional events for the ZOOM online classes and a thank you to all the online members. Please join me and spread the word.

Instructor Courses
FIT2FITE has been working feverishly in the background with LNFITNESS to enhance the accreditation of the business. After review and and realignment of the training template FIT2FITE has now been awarded 12 CPD (Continued Professional Development) points by the Register of Exercise professionals (REPS). This is a fantastic achievement and a significant increase from the original four points.

LN Fitness Training Centre

LNFITNESS is a dynamic Fitness Training provider. Their Managing Director Laurie Nichols is a long established Fitness Professional respected in the industry because of the excellent standard of the instructors certified through her wide range of courses. Anyone interested in becoming a FIT2FITE Instructor will now see the value of their certification enhanced by the quality of the instruction and the credibility of the course delivery. Look out for dates of the first post-COVID Offline instructor courses and the opportunity for refresher online courses for those currently qualified.

That’s all for now, till next time.

Greg Francis BEM JP
Managing Director

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