1. Schedule page will list all classes available.
  2. On the right hand side of schedule, you will see ticket options and details of class days and times.
  3. If booking a single class - click on the class day and time and select single ticket.
  4. Follow instructions to checkout.
  5. You will receive a booking reference from BookWhen and an automated Zoom code for the selected class.
  6. This code is valid only for the selected class and will not give you access to any other class.
  7. The monthly pass is valid from the start of the calender month, it can also be booked at anytime within the same month, but will expire on the last day of the calender month.
  8. Click on the day and time of class, select monthly pass, follow instructions to checkout.
  9. You will receive a booking reference for the monthly pass and a zoom code for the selected class. You will also receive a discount code from Fit2Fite. The discount code will allow you to book all other classes in the same way, simply select the day and time of the single class, select single ticket then enter the discount code when prompted at checkout. NB This discount code is yours only and is not to be shared.
  10. You will then receive booking reference via bookwhen and zoom code for selected class.