Fit2Fite GradingFIT2FITE Fighting Moves To Funky Grooves is the first fitness concept to provides a Grading system for those FIT2FITERS who wish to monitor and progress their training in line with the FIT2FITE ethos. Stamina, Strength, Speed and Suppleness will be evaluated objectively to assess Focus, Form, Fitness and Feeling.

By training for FIT2FITE gradings F2F Members (FIT2FITERS) are provided with attainable goals that measure objectively the key testing criteria: Target, Technique, Timing, Tension and Intensity plus Adaptability at higher levels. The grading system consolidates the mental and physical benefits of Martial Arts training without the rigour of formal Martial Art practice. This goal orientated initiative stimulates you to not just get fitter but to improve your technique and application of the Fighting Moves.

Levels: Four Progressive levels are to be utilised to assess individuals: Bronze, Silver, Gold I and Gold II.

All those successful at grading will receive a certificate and a wristband for their level.