Full Flight

FIT2FITE offer an opportunity for a Launch Masterclass to literally kick off your FIT2FITE class in the best possible way. FIT2FITE will provide enhanced promotion of your launch event by having one of the elite Master Trainers deliver a Masterclass at your venue and/or provide a breathtaking demonstration by the FIT2FITE promotional team.

The aim is to create an excitement and buzz about your class and enable your audience to partake and absorb the FIT2FITE experience in Full Flight. The Special launch class will be advertised through the FIT2FITE network utilising contacts generated by the Regional Coordinator and FIT2FITE HQ. The class will be open to members and non-members of your facility to highlight the fact that your centre will be offering FIT2FITE' Fighting Moves To Funky Grooves.


Four to six weeks launch date from day of announcement.

“Book When” Account. To monitor individuals booking for the event.


Demonstration Team (8 mins). All aspects of the FIT2FITE Four Step Format is worked through highlighting the key aspects: Tension, Timing, Technique and Intensity. for Toning.

Masterclass (45 mins): Participants are taken through the Bronze level FIT2FITE class.

Application (7 mins): Technical aspects of the class are demonstrated showing the real Karate based applications.

FloorCore (8 mins): Participants experience the unique F2F Muscular, Strength and Endurance component.

Stretch: and finish: 7 mins

Total Duration: 1 hour 15 mins


  • Demonstration Team: - £TBC
  • Bronze Masterclass; - £TBC
  • All inclusive: - Demonstration Team, Bronze Masterclass plus Application (see below) - £TBC

* 25% Discount for Certified FIT2FITE Instructors

LN Fitness Training Centre

REPS Training Provider

PD: Approval Endorsed