Spring Update 2020

Hello to all FIT2FITERS, your friends and families.

Actually hello WORLD as nothing reminds us more about how we are all connected than a global crisis. The stark reality of our mortality certainly helps uncomplicate the world from divisive issues such as race, gender, religion, culture, economics and politics.

We are either forced reluctantly or with gusto to look at what are actually the most important things in life namely physical and mental health and well being. These two areas are unquestionably the best investment you can make with your time and money.

With social isolation, job insecurity, ambiguity and misinformation prevalent it is important to stay focussed on credible and evidence based sources of information. My advice…. use social media to stay connected to those you like, love and respect. Do not use it as a conduit for conspiracies, uninformed opinions as it heightens anxiety, stress and scaremongering.

FIT2FITE will be providing a myriad of online classes to help uplift your day, weeks and months. A selection of F2F World class Instructors will be delivering the Fighting Moves To Funky Grooves and other classes within the FIT2FITE portfolio from Monday March 30th until we ALL emerge from these trying times.

As always FIT2FITE classes will embrace the Fundamentals of Physical FITNESS: Strength, Stamina, Suppleness and Speed. They are as follows:

FIT2FITE Fighting Moves To Funky Grooves: Exercise to music training system that fuses uplifting Music and Martial Arts Techniques and Combinations.

NB: For development, maintenance and enhancement of Strength, Stamina, Suppleness and Speed.

F2F HIIT: A bodyweight based, 30 minute ballistic circuit that provides an all over workout in a measured and manageable format.

NB: For development, maintenance and enhancement of Strength, Stamina and Speed.

F2Floor Core: Static and Mat based Muscular strength and endurance class to Music incorporating Fitness Industry standards such as Press ups, Sit ups and Lunges.

NB: For development, maintenance and enhancement of primarily Strength.

F2Flexibility: A fusion of Yoga, Pilates and Martial Arts stretching tailored to the smoothest grooves.

NB: For development, maintenance and enhancement of Strength and Suppleness.

All classes are:

  • Body weight based.
  • Equipment free.
  • For All levels.
  • Front Room Friendly.

In recognition of those made unemployed by this situation or unable to work at the moment ALL on line classes are FREE for the foreseeable future.

Please click here for the class timetable

Please click here for details of Instructors

Please click here for a snapshot of all classes plus a Karate demo from FIT2FITE Founder Greg Francis and F2F Instructor/International Karate Athlete Natalie Williams.

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