Instructor Guidance

Annual Certification: Annual Certification allows FIT2FITE Ltd to audit its Instructors, maintain an updated database, endorse progression to Silver or Gold level and invest in the business.

Benefits: Membership Support Package.

Bi-Monthly Tracklist recommendations: Every 8 weeks F2F HQ will upload a F2F Tracklist that reflects a standard 55 minute class including warm up and cooldown. Specific details of where to source the tracks from will be provided.

Career profile: To give an insight into you and your career pathway. Alongside providing information on your qualifications, interests and successes.

Course Fee: This fee is payable on registration via Paypal or BACS transfer. Confirmation and a receipt will be despatched once payment is confirmed. You will receive confirmation of your place within 48 hours, You can cancel the course and have your fee returned up to 5 days before the course date after that the fee can be carried over to the next course. There are NO refunds if you want to cancel the course within 5 days of the effective date.

Facebook Page: To facilitate promotion of your class and the FIT2FITE brand and keep your Fit2fiters updated of ongoing developments in F2F locally and centrally. This page must be set up as soon as you begin your F2F classes.

Funky Grooves: All recommended F2F music is available for purchase from the following sources: Beatport, Traxsource, Amazon, Juno, ITUNES. No single track will cost more than £1.99 and most £1.20 or less. F2F does not sell prescribed music as we believe in the Performers rights to financial dividends from their Intellectual Property. This position also gives Instructors the flexibility to indulge in their own musical tastes. However it should be stressed that F2F HQ recommend that all instructors utilise Soulful House, Funk and similar genres of dance music as this groove and feeling is the essence of FIT2FITE, Fighting Moves To Funky Grooves. The “four to the floor” beat indicative of these genres of music is paramount for the training system to flow and feel right. Soulful house with this its steady beat, uplifting vocals and musical dexterity fits the Four Step Format perfectly. Remember you don’t have to like it to learn to love it!

Marketing material: Each newly qualified F2F Instructor also receives:

  • Electronic F2F Logo for producing your own F2F Marketing material
  • Opportunity for progression to F2F Silver and FIT2FITE Gold level FIT2FITE Instruction.
  • Proactive ongoing National Marketing Campaigns.
  • Discounted F2F Demo Team Appearance Fee to promote the class in your area.
  • FIT2FITE class details and Instructor Profile on website.

Music: FIT2FITE believes that with Exercise to Music the music comes first, not the routine. If Instructors are not playing the music for their classes in their cars, on their IPod’s and through their headphones then they should not be subjecting their classes to it. The F2F 4S4 was constructed around Funky Grooves, namely Soulful House Music and Funk. If the Fighting Move does not fit or feel right fo your selected track then do not use it. F2F creator Greg Francis believes that pre-choreographed routines inhibit Instructor interpretation of the music, restricts teaching development, compromise class fluidity and in many cases musically fails to stimulate both the class and the Instructor. FIT2FITE provides a structured template (4s4) for technical development and musical interpretation that provides flexibility and alternative techniques and combinations to layer that template.

Music System: FIT2FITE is a Music based class. The sound system utilised must be able to reproduce sound in a clean and effective manner so that the class are stimulated by both the music and the sound quality. Advice can be provided by F2F HQ on appropriate systems free of charge.

Partner discounts:

  • 20% Discount off retail price on all FIT2FITE Merchandise..
  • 5% Discount for 3NESS Luxury Fitness Weekenders.

Premises licence fees: Monthly Premises Licence fees are a pre requisite for many Group Exercise classes. FIT2FITE does not charge a Premises Licence fee. This provides more opportunity for Instructors to maximise their revenue stream by undertaking classes in the community to raise the Instructor and brand profile.

Public Performance Licence: Please click here for more information.

Public Liability Insurance: Quarterly Programme fees. There are no quarterly Programme Fees. FIT2FITE charges a one off flat fee for Annual certification and provides all instructors free access to Music Tracklists and and a technique library that alternatives within the Four Step Format.

REPS: REP's (Register of Exercise Professionals)12 CPD (Continuing Professional Development) points are awarded on completion of the Bronze Instructor course.

Skills half day Workshop: Skills workshops are designed to review instructor standard and development. They will incorporate a formative assessment of the individuals application of the 4S4 and an evaluation for their progression to Silver level 1.

Social Media Interface: Provides profiles of all other F2F Instructors plus access to Spotify Music Exchange. It also affords the opportunity to interact with other F2F Instructors, discuss topics, share knowledge and exchange music. This feature is facilitated through your F2F.Facebook page.

Technique Library: Videos of F2F fundamentals. Narrative breaks down technique enabling instructors to refresh and improve the mechanics and execution of basic F2F techniques.

Training events: Summer Sizzler and Festive Frenzy: These events underpin the FIT2FITE Family and Fitness ethos. They provide an opportunity for Fit2fiter's across the UK to train and socialise together. It helps Instructors and Fit2fiter's assess their basic Fitness level and evaluate the technical execution of the Four Step Format alongside their fellow Fit2fiters. As a bonus the dynamics of the Training Events facilitates interaction with top International athletes and Fitness presenters who are either F2F Instructors or F2F advocates.

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