May 2020 Update


Hope you and those you love are safe and healthy. We are all still in the midst of the global pandemic; although at different stages internationally there is no room for complacency.

For the last two months FIT2FITE has provided a free online service in only the way we can,  great classes delivered selflessly by world class instructors to the most receptive and engaged paricipants. We thank you for the love and commitment and want to take you on the next exciting stage of our journey.

From Monday 1st June 2020, FIT2FITE ONLINE moves on to ZOOM as a paid service. We will be bringing to your living space the


Strength, Stamina, Speed and Suppleness

wrapped up in Four Fantastic and Focussed Workouts:

FIT2FLOORCORE = Strength, FIT2HIIT = Stamina/Speed, FIT2FLEXIBILITY = Suppleness 

and of course

FIT2FITE FIGHTING MOVES TO FUNKY GROOVES = Strength, Stamina, Suppleness, Speed.

The aim is to provide the highest level of instruction at a price that is accessible to all. On that basis our paid fees are a recession beating:

£30.00 per month or £5.00 per class.

The pandemic brings many challenges but if you are to set one goal make sure it is that you come out of the other end of this madness.

FITTER not FATTER”. FIT2FITE is determined to help you to achieve and maintain that goal. We will also be offering nutritional advice in the near future;

FIT2FITE wants you to be in the best physical condition you can be for as long as you are able. Our instructors will work with you to achieve that ambition. All are welcome because one thing is for certain: 

“The World is a Family”.

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