What is it?

FIT2FITE is a harmonious marriage of Martial Art techniques rhythmically synchronised to the finest uplifting dance music to create an energy charged aerobic experience.

What is Fit2Fite?


FIT2FITE is a non-contact martial art based aerobic experience. It incorporates proven fighting techniques and combinations that are versatile and stimulating.

FIT2FITE practically forges combinations of stances, punches, blocks and kicks to generate a feeling of realism; this unique dynamic stimulates the participant into working more purposefully and productively.

FIT2FITE tailors pulsating, funky, uplifting, music to fluid fighting moves motivating the participants to reach their fitness threshold and beyond. The tempo of the class enables participants to execute moves safely, technically and with the requisite intensity.

Why Fit2fite?

FIT2FITE’s component parts develop a feeling of personal improvement and achievement by building a knowledge base. This martial arts approach enhances thes ability to self assess performance and workout feverishly with a smile.

FIT2FITE's Four Step Format is a user friendly learning template that provides instructors with credible alternatives and flexibility within a structured form. This keeps the instructor and the class fresh and focussed

What are the benefits?

FIT2FITE’s blend of flowing combinations, dynamic techniques and progressive Muscular Strength and Endurance (MSE) component embraces the fundamentals of physical and mental fitness: strength, stamina, speed and suppleness.

FIT2FITE's emphasis on Toning through Technique, Tension and Strategic Intensity, improves co-ordination and balance, develops core strength, increases cardiovascular fitness and most importantly helps with weight management, good health and well being.

What are, Benefits

FIT2FITE is a self regulating all over body workout. The comprehensive benefits are visually evident after a short period of regular attendance and committed, focussed application.

Ultimately FIT2FITE looks good and feels right!

FIT2FITE’s distinguishing features:

  • Developed for families, men, women and children of mixed ability and fitness levels.
  • Tones through Tension, Technique, Timing and Strategic Intensity.
  • Adds an additional revenue stream to Instructors incomes and businesses services.
  • Effectively absorbed into any grading syllabus to enhance fundamentals.
  • Class tempo encourages the safe and correct execution of technique.
  • Self regulating, all over body workout; enhances strength, stamina, suppleness, balance, speed and co-ordination.
  • Inspirational, uplifting vocal dance music tailored to practical flowing Fighting Moves.
  • Musical emphasis prioritises simple, practical combinations over complicated choreography.
  • Group exercise class of choice for International Karate athletes.
  • World class instruction; Day course; Certification; Annual registration.
  • Free membership to FIT2FITE Instructor Support network: Includes merchandise and event discount, Marketing material and Music.
  • Register of Exercise Professionals points (REPS). Skills Active accreditation.
  • Simple, versatile Four Step Format progresses learning through three levels.
  • Ongoing learning experience for both Instructor and participant that continually stimulates and builds confidence.
  • Designed by an international coach, validated by a leading Sports College, endorsed by the National Karate coach.
  • Consolidates and/or enhances participation in other sports and activities.
  • It is cost effective as it requires little equipment and no premises licence, just Fighting Moves to Funky Grooves.

FIT2FITE’s distinguishing features