Fundamentals of Fitness


FIT2FLOORCORE – Mat based CORE workout to music with focus on muscular STRENGTH

A series of traditional exercises are worked through in inventive ways to music to develop all over muscular strength. Press ups, Squats , Sit ups and other basic exercise are utilised to build and develop muscular strength and a strong core. Funky grooves pulse through the workout to regulate the pace of the workout and stimulate the participant to work that little bit harder alternating upper and lower body exercises.

FIT2HIIT -  Dynamic circuit with focus on STAMINA and SPEED

A bodyweight ballistic circuit that alternates upper and lower body exercises in short, explosive bursts.  Working from Feet to Floor to Feet exercises move from knee lifts to burpees to crunches to press ups and beyond. This 'sprinters' circuit has been adapted to provide a dynamic workout that improves stamina and enhances speed and reaction. All exercises are to be delivered quickly and correctly with emphasis on maintenance of form and technique.

FIT2FLEXIBILITY – Martial Arts based stretch class with focus on SUPPLENESS

A fusion of Yoga, Pilates and Karate stretching that increases mobility and fluidity of movement. Devised by an International Karate athlete this class ensures that all levels are accommodated from the “iron bar to the rubber band”. Often neglected, the value of flexibility and agility at all stages of life is emphasised through this class. The most soulful and jazzy grooves are utilised to ensure that the participants finish the session feeling lithe, lucid and liberated.