September 2016 News Update

Hi there FIT2FITER’s

Hope all is good and you are happy and healthy. A lot has happened in the last 3 months and we apologise for being a little late with our update.

Summer Sizzler

So what’s been going on since last time. Well first of all we had a fantastic Summer Sizzler. The event gets bigger and better every time. Added a twist to the event with special guest slots form F2F Instructors, Natalie Williams, Claire Burton and Ross Mathieu. Collectively the F2F Team loaded  all the attendees to the brim with energy, drive and confidence enabling them to push themselves that little bit further.

Summer Sizzler 2016

Thanks for a superb demonstration from International Karate athlete Natalie Williams and Fit2fite Founder, Greg Francis. Exquisite execution of F2F Techniques and the beautiful, effective Martial Art that is Karate. Not forgetting the jaw dropping demonstration from the Veras brothers of Veras Karate Academy. Simply superb forms execution from a 10 and 12 year old.

Of course FIT2FITE’s sponsors 3NESS Luxury Weekenders and Partners, Elite Nutrition and Nutri-BombZ Protein foods powered the FIT2FITER’s through a mixture of a booming sound system, on point nutritional advice and rehydration and bespoke protein foods. Check out these guys websites in the Partner links on this site.


On the subject of partners I would like to welcome on board three new partners, Alan Poole of  Nutri Bombz, the healthiest snacks on the planet, Laurie Nichols of LN Fitness providing a wide range of Fitness Instructor training and Tyrone Whyte of the “T Shirt Printers”.

Alan’s Nutri Bombz fuelled the Summer Sizzler with all participants given free samples to push them through the day. Check out their site at

Tyrone’s company has just sponsored the FIT2FITE demo team with the funkiest and  most eye catching training wear. Check out the link, they print everything and anything to the highest standard and like all FIT2FITE partners give a discount to all FIT2FITE members. Incidentally Tyrone  is also FIT2FITE Founder Greg Francis’s Karate Instructor and a regular attender of Greg’s class in Barking.

FIT2FITER Membership

The Membership scheme at Barking has had most of the wrinkles ironed out and is now fully implemented with a variety of payment options available including a mobile Card Payment facility on site. Barking Abbey FIT2FITE are now in a position to have the inaugural FIT2FITE Grading on November 20th.  The excitement and trepidation is now clearly evident in those who have signed up as FIT2FITER’s and looking to grade and become BRONZE FIT2FITER’s. The same opportunity is coming to all FIT2FITE Instructors and Members soon.

New Classes

We have seen in May the launch of a New FIT2FITE class in Wickford, Essex. Big Shout Out to Richard and Caroline Hang Hong and please check out their class whenever you can.

Also special mention for Katie Simpson who has just returned from her Karate Federation Championships with a Gold Medal. She is now starting back her FIT2FITE classes in Kent on Saturday 3rd September from 10.30am to 11.45am at Activate Body and Soul Gym, ME17 2LL

More classes in Braintree with Vicky Edwards starting her FIT2FITE classes on September 19th. Please see CLASSES page for all updates.

Plus coming soon FIT2FITE back at Collier Row, Romford, Essex. Will keep you posted.

Greg Francis

FIT2FITE Founder, Greg Francis continues to keep his pulse on the Martial Arts and fitness World. He has recently been teaching at the 3NESS Luxury Soul Weekend. Over 600 Fitness fanatics dedicating themselves to Fitness classes delivered by the Country’s top presenters.

Also retaining his position at the top end of Karate and Fitness Coaching Greg has just finished teaching F2F and Karate and the elite Ultimate Karate Fighter’s Bootcamp hosted by the worlds foremost Karate competitor and Norway National Coach, Dr Wayne Otto OBE.


Greg has just been elected onto the Board of the National Governing Body for Karate the English Karate Federation. Congratulations.

Special shout out to the Olympics and Karate’s inclusion for Tokyo in 2020. Expect to see F2F instructors and attendees representing Team GB. Greg who coaches a number of the National Team members will be working to have them selected for the Olympic programme. Good Luck Greg and F2F’s finest.

F2F’s Finest

Congratulations to FIT2FITE Instructors and England Karate Internationals, Ross Mathieu, Katie Hurry and Natalie Williams who won their weight categories at the English and British Championships.

Fit2Fite's Finest

Special mention to Natalie and Katie who were also selected for the World Karate Championships in October. Well done and Good luck guys.

Fit2Fite's Finest

Ok. Mark in your diaries the Sunday 18th December. The F2F Festive Fitness frenzy is booked for that day. Never a better way to finish the year.

That’s enough for this month. Keep your eye on the Facebook page and see you all soon.

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