November 2017 News Update

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Hope all is happy and healthy in your world. As always lots to tell you about so lets get going.


This event held on 13th October was exceptionally supported by over 80 people contributing to the cause. The vibe was fantastic and up front and centre were the athletes prepared to represent their country: Jordan Clarkson, Danielle Kirby, Claire Burton, Lauren and Chloe Salisbury.

Fundraiser October 2017

Alan Poole from Nutibombz alongside Don Gordon from Elite Nutrition powered up the participants with their respective healthy snacks and drinks. The athletes looked resplendent in their bespoke FIT2FITE gear sponsored by Sensei Tyrone Whyte of the T Shirt Printers. Paul Francis, brother of F2F founder Greg sponsored, via his company 3NESS Luxury Fitness Weekenders, the sound system. Thanks again to all those who contributed and an extra special thanks to F2F Instructor Ross Mathieu for an exceptional; donation.. £1157.00 was raised

International Competition

FIT2FITERS Lauren, Chloe, Jordan and Danielle competed in ther World Junior Karate Championships in Tenerifer from 24 – 29 October. With 95 countries competing they had their work cut out losing in the earlier rounds to tough opponents. The girls were back to FIT2FITE and karate training on their return understanding that ability gets you selected for a national team, , composure and coaching gets you on the rostrum.

Lauren and James Francis who also trains karate and F2F with Greg have both been selected for the European Junior Championships in Russia in February 2018. We wish them luck.

World Champion

With that in mind congratulations to FIT2FITE Silver Instructor Claire Burton our resident Word Champion. Claire won the Drug Free Athletic Commission Body Building Championships (DFAC) in Miami on 4th November After dusting herself down from the rude awakening she had first time she entered, this time she got it right and posed the pants off of everyone. Claire we are all both proud and inspired by you.

Claire Burton

FIT2FITE Awards and Party Nite

The Awards and Party Nite is an opprtunity for all FIT2FITER’s and friends to meet, move and groove together..Awards will be for FIT2FITER of the year, F2F Instructor of the year and the David “Danger” Malcolm “Spirit of Fit2fite” Award. Details are as follows:

8th December 2017,
Sidney’s Wine Bar, 545 Cranbrook Road, Gants Hill, Ilford, Essex
Time: 9.00pm – 3.00am, Entry Fee; £12.00
Seasonal drink and Mince Pie reception, 9.00pm – 10.00pm
Awards: 10.30 -11.00pm
DJ’s Sandra C and DJG

To book tab this link:

Festive Frenzy

The Festive Frenzy is at a new venue with a new format. One hour less a little more intense. The perfect Christmas Conscience Clearer. F2F training systems are now re branded as follows:

  • Super 7 Circuits = F2F HIIT Circuit
  • Pilates/Yoga Fusion = F2Flexibility
  • Muscular Strength and Endurance = F2F FloorCore

There will also be a rollout of “the FITE” a new high intensity, music based, 30 minute fight based workout with “SPEED” at the fore.

FIT2FITE Fitness Festive Frenzy
10th December 2017
Becontree Heath Leisure Centre, Althorne Way, Dagenham, Essex, RM10 7FH
10.00am – 2.00pm, Cost: £20.00,
Plus World class demos of F2F moves using Krav Maga fighting system

To book tab this link:

FIT2FITE Grading

Sunday 29th October saw the first ever FIT2FITE Bronze Level Grading. This unique experience piloted by 12 members of Barking Abbey FIT2FITE warranted a 90 minute FIT2FITE session demonstrating their understanding of the F2F Four Step Format with its focus on Timing, Technique, Tension and Intensity. Clear emphasis on these component parts had to be demonstrated and aligned to the Fundamentals of Fitness: Strength, Stamina and Suppleness All were relieved to PASS with commendations from Greg and Claire the grading panel. Certificates and Bronze level wristbands were awarded

The next Bronze Grading is open to all FIT2FITE members. If not a member of your local FIT2FITE class ask your instructor when they are starting membership and how you can access these developmental opportunities.

Greg has just returned from the constantly classy 3NESS Luxury Fitness weekender in Wokefield Park reading. As always a stunning venue with an exceptional line up of presenters , superb organisation and great atmosphere. FIT2FITE rolled out for the 2nd time “The FITE” to a packed and enthusiastic class. Greg and Dianne Reilly F2F instructor also introduced F2F Flexibility , a stretch /relaxation class for the mind, Spirit and body.

In true FIT2FITE style the smoothest grooves married with with gentle stretches facilitating real mental dexterity. Everyone left the F2Flexibility classes proclaiming the benefits of this three pronged approach of Mind, Body and Spirit. Check it out at the Festive Frenzy on 10th December . Thanks again to Paul for a tremendous weekend and his ongoing support.

F2F grading


Apologies fro us here at F2F Towers. We are looking to get all F2F Gear on line and are steadily working through a number of sticking points. Look out in the New year. On the subject of 2018 the next Newsletter will be in January 2018, so we wish you Happy and Healthy Xmas. Tick over your training during the Xmas break and everytime you think about treating yourself with another Glass on Prosecco or a Mince Pie. Remember one is Enough. or as Greg says, “Just because you can, you don’t have to”.

Enjoy the Festive season and hope fully see you all soon


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