Happy New Year 2015

HI FIT2FITERS™ and Happy New Year. Hope the Festive Season did not take too much of a toll on your waistline. If so, sort it out…now. Don’t wait. Think about a few lifestyle changes to assist matters. Here are a few tips: Go to bed half an hour to an hour earlier. Get up half […]

EKF Squad

Autumn 2014 News Roundup

Hi FIT2FITERS its Greg Francis here to provide an update on what’s going on in the world of FIT2FITE™, Fighting Moves to Funky Grooves. Hope all is good and you have had time to bask in this glorious protracted Indian Summer. Nevertheless, the Winter Solstice is looming and within the next few weeks we will […]

New Instructors

Summer 2014 News Roundup

Summer update!!! And lots to tell you about. Apologies for the lengthy break but the F2F Team have been at full tilt. IRELAND Firstly two Instructor courses were undertaken in June, The first was the inaugural FIT2FITE™ Instructors course in Southern Ireland, Hosted by the irrepressible Brendan Perry a selection of the best fitness and […]